Management Services

Every practice needs a little help moving the progress needle in the right direction, but not every practice can afford to hire full-time, capable organizational development professionals to focus on advancing the company’s growth. HCR offers a variety of cost-effective management services that do just that!

MGT 114 - Executive Coaching

Regardless of skill or training, every leader benefits from pairing up with a seasoned coach who can help bring clarity to business operations and provide steadfast guidance on the path to success. Our team of professionals has both the breadth and depth of experience necessary to provide that expertise and help retool business processes to achieve strategic goals. But coaching is also about having a trusted confidant you can talk to regarding entrepreneurial issues and making what are often hard business decisions or human resources decisions.
Additionally, as an integral part of Executive Coaching, our team will guide your leadership team through comprehensive strategic planning sessions and key performance indicators (KPIs) reviews that are the springboard from which all meaningful business growth occurs.
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Management Services - Executive Coaching
Management Services - Clinic Design

MGT 127 - Clinic Design & Space Planning

With over 30 years of experience designing healthcare facilities, our critical eye on space planning can save you thousands of dollars on architectural edits and costly design mistakes. We’ve designed everything from single-provider practices to clinics in excess of 37,400 square feet. The process is simple; tell us what you envision and we’ll sketch it for you.  Once you’re satisfied with the drawing, we’ll send it to the architect of your choice and work with him or her to produce build-ready CAD drawings.  We’ll also conduct regular site visits to ensure your builder completes the project as promised.
$140 per hour

MGT 121 - Patient Satisfaction Surveying

Satisfied customers are essential for continued success no matter the size, specialty, or location of your practice.  Without meaningful feedback from your patients, it’s difficult to know if you’re on the right track and growing.  An effective patient satisfaction survey is also key demonstrating that a practice is interested in quality and in doing things better.  To that end, this service provides the practice owner with an unfiltered snapshot of patient experiences in the office.  The process is simple; we collect patient email addresses from you every 30 days, send out the surveys, compile and analyze the results, and then produce a comprehensive report that we review with you and make recommendations for enhancing customer experiences.
$60 per survey
Management Services - Patient Survey

MGT 129 – Associate Provider Contracts

Bringing a new provider into your practice can be very exciting and scary at the same time –you’re getting busier and need help, but you never know how it’s going to work out with someone new. Well-written associate contracts go a long way to protecting you and the practice if things don’t work out. At HCR, the certified HR professionals have over 18 years of experience writing and reviewing employment and contractor agreements, and we know how to navigate dissolution in a safe, legal manner if the relationship is not working. Beyond simply developing a contract that reflects the client’s desires, we present the agreement to the associate or contractor and also serve as a buffer for negotiations. This helps create the win-win situation that is the basis for a successful working relationship.
$120 per hour
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