Strategies Designed for Dental, Medical, and Vision Practices

What makes our marketing strategy different?

Well, our experts put the time and effort into getting to know each and every one of their clients. They do this through a thorough evaluation with the practice owner and research of your practice and its area.

Other marketing companies will simply request your practice's logo with little to no conversation with you.

Our experts engage with each and every patient on your practice's behalf to either solidify the positive experience they had or protect your practice by professionally responding to a dissatisfied patient. We also will answer any questions patients may have about your services.

Other marketing professionals will not attempt to do this on your behalf.

Receive monthly analytic reports from our professionals along with new strategies that can help boost your practice and increase patients.

Expect other marketing companies not to contact you for months at a time.

When you hire HCR's marketing department we focus on the big picture. Hiring us for social media management doesn't stop our experts from evaluating your practice's brand as a whole. We want our clients to succeed and to do so, we have to ensure that every area of your practice flows together. Without consistency, patients will subconsciously not trust your practice and your staff's ability.

Other marketing companies will do the bare minimum and only complete the tasks that they were hired to do.

If you have any or all of our other services, our directors routinely meet and combine every angle of your practice all-in-one. This benefits your practice in many ways, but one of them is finding areas of improvement, tackling each problem, and reaching our goal of increasing patient numbers.

This does not exist with other generic marketing companies!

HCR’s goal is to make your operations run smoother, and assist your team by lightening the load so they can focus on patients all while boosting your practice’s growth! When you hire us, you gain access to our experts’ skills and HCR’s resources that are aimed at ensuring your practice reaches its goals!

Necessary Website Updates

Making updates to your website should be quick, easy, and cost-effective. We can make the changes you need within minutes compared to other companies that take weeks to update or charge you monthly for work that is not even being done! We charge a-la-carte for every website update you need. That means when there are no website updates, we don’t charge you! Have a website that needs updates that were not built by our team? No worries, our team will do the work! Contact HCR to receive assistance with your website.
$48 per hour
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Marketing Manager