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The most important components of a successful healthcare practice are recruiting and retaining great employees, and having experienced, capable human resources support!  We understand how difficult it is to oversee the myriad of HR requirements when you’re trying to take care of patients.  The fact is, it’s overwhelming to do both very well without help.  And more often than not, your trusted practice manager is also extremely busy managing the patient schedule, ordering supplies, and figuring out how to fill the voids left when a staff member calls in sick.
HCR’s seasoned HR professionals developed a support solution targeted specifically to address this gap, and deliver it in a way that is seamless and transparent to your operations…we call it “HR 180”.  While we are located in San Antonio, Texas we proudly serve clients throughout the state and our service model ensures that you feel supported. Many other companies offer human resources support, but what makes us unique is our availability, our years of experience as healthcare and HR professionals, and when you call, you reach the same team…every day, every time!

Our HR 180 Human Resource Service Includes

Recruiting and New Hire Assistance:

Development of Documentation For Practice:

Counseling, Consulting, and Disciplinary Action:

Additional Services:

HR 180 Pricing Details

Employees Per Office

Monthly Fee Per Office

HR Setup (One-Time Fee)

1 - 4



5 - 9



10 - 14



15 - 19



20 - 24



25 - 29



30 - 34



35 - 39




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Our Individual HR Services

Human Resources

Human Resources Consulting

HR Consulting includes reviewing existing Employee Handbook, advising on employee relations and/or disciplinary actions, conducting salary reviews, evaluating HR compliance issues, reviewing employment offer letters, advising on inquiries and/or investigations by federal or state agencies. This service does not include direct representation in conducting disciplinary actions, workplace investigations, and/or government inquiries. NOTE: Development of Employee Handbooks is billed at a flat rate of $715 and includes a 1-hour Q&A session with your staff.
$130 per hour (pro-rated in 15 min increments)
Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

A well-written, legally-binding Employee Handbook is the most important source document any practice can have to ensure smooth sailing in the area of employee relations. In fact, whether or not a business has a handbook, is one of the first documents requested by a regulatory agency or court of law during an investigation or hearing. As such, Employee Handbooks should be customized to your practice and not “borrowed” from another business… that leads to big problems! Our HR professionals have the expertise and employment law background to develop your handbook and will also come to your office to present it and answer any questions your staff might have.
$715 per employee handbook
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Our Human Resources Team That Will Be Assisting You

Jennifer Baugher

Director of Human Resources

Emily Hernandez

Human Resources Generalist

Elex Aguilar

Human Resources Generalist

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


No!  Forbidding employees from discussing the terms and conditions of their employment including salary and benefits, is a violation of federal law under Section 7 of the Nation Labor Relations Act.  If this kind of prohibition is written into your Employee Handbook, take it out!  Remember, it only takes one unhappy patient or disgruntled employee to invite endless scrutiny to your practice.


No.   In the State of Texas, there is no requirement for Lunch Breaks.

“Lunch breaks” are unpaid – defined as 30 minutes or longer for the purpose of eating a meal – employee must be “fully relieved of duties” during the meal break – if employee is answering phones, filing, or otherwise working while eating, the “break” is counted as regular work time.


Yes, you can place an employee on unpaid Suspension while you investigate violations of policy, however, stick to 3 days or less.   It becomes Termination in 4 days and they can file for unemployment.


  • Not courteous to your office staff
  • Late for interview
  • Inappropriate dress/hygiene
  • Criticizes former employer
  • Knows little about your Company
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